Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Exhibition week

Last week was insane. Whatever made me do my father's quilt, dubbed "Persian Tiles", in 2 weeks?? I had very little sleep and my neck is still recovering but I did manage to get it finished. I have to say though that I would not have finished in time for the exhibition without help on Friday from Elizabeth and Trudi from my Friday Friends group. Thankyou girls. It was well received at the exhibition and apparently several people wanted to buy Persian Tiles. I am told one lady was very upset that it really was not for sale but already had a home to go to. The first photo shows me presenting the quilt with my son in the foreground. In the second photo I am sitting next to my father catching down the hanging sleeve on the back. I didn't have time to hand stitch it for the exhibition so the bottom of the sleeve was pinned on and I stitched it after I had presented the quilt. You can see the red paisley backing in the second photo. It is difficult to photograph the quilt to show off the fact that all the fabrics except the backing are overprinted in gold. You can see some of the sheen on the border in the second photo but the sheen fades out the red and green striped print. I will try to get some better photos in the next few days.

I also finished "Stasia's Jungle" for the exhibition. It is the attic windows quilt in my last entry. I am thankful for having posted the photo here last week because I discovered an error in the piecing of the main border. Were you able to pick it? Compare the last photo with this one. Fortunately it did not take to long to fix. It would have bugged me forever if I had not changed it. I free motion quilted the main border to give the feeling of a jungle - leaves, puddles, trails... - picking up on the parrots in the windows. It was fun doodling. No-one else may see what I was trying to do but I enjoyed doing it. I will be giving this quilt to my surrogate granddaughter Stasia for Christmas. I will have to add a photo later - I haven't taken a photo of the finished quilt yet.


Lindi said...

Well done Jenny. The quilt looks fabulous! I can understand people wanting to buy it.

creativedawn said...

AWESOME BEAUTIFUL quilt!!!! It looks like your father loved it!
Great job....

dineke said...

What a lovely quilt you have made for your dad. I am a "blue"person, but I love the golden glow.

Bizarre Quilter said...

If there is one thing that makes quilt exhibitions worthwhile (it's a LOT of hours) it's the finishing-off factor.

Projects get finished that you thought would never happen!!

Hope your neck has recovered!

Have you changed your time commitment to something like 15 minutes each day? (that's not enough for me... I need longer in one hit)Maybe one hour per week on a particular project. Then it can get done with no neck pain.

Congratulations on the grand finish!

Loz in Oz