Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My cousin Ann

I have not been posting because my darling cousin Ann died recently. I am devastated. We have always been very close and shared many common interests. This is the last photo I took of Ann on 23rd June 2008 while she was having dialysis. That visit to Gosford was the last time I saw her. 

One of my first memories is of Ann, her friend Libby and myself playing "ring a ring of roses". I couldn't have been more than 6 at the time, Ann 15 months younger. We always got on exceptionally well and neither of us could remember having argued or falling out with each other. Ann has always been one of my best friends and we shared many wonderful and heartbreaking moments together. We shared ill health as children and the joy of our children as adults. Before her husband left her we shared 2 holidays lasting a month each, the 2 couples sharing accommodation and expenses. The first one was in Tasmania and the second in the goldfields and the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. Our last holiday away together Ann, Max and I spent a wonderful week on Norfolk Island. We had a wonderful time together. Ann and I were plotting how the 3 of us could manage a holiday in New Zealand and we also wanted to revisit Tasmania. We had also hoped to have a holiday in Queensland some time.

Travelling was always interesting with Ann. She had many, many things wrong with her but was almost unfailingly cheerful. We would take a wheelchair with us after the Tasmanian trip as her body deteriorated. We always knew where every toilet in cooee could be found. We made lots of pit stops to cater to Ann's fluid tablets LOL.

When, on the very few occasions that things got her down and she would have a little weep with me, she always worried about me and apologised for upsetting me. Whingeing just was not in her. Earlier this year her heart specialist told her that he didn't think he would have had the stamina to live as she did. I don't think I would either. Ann was a loving, giving, caring, patient creative lady whom I admired greatly.

I will continue to add photos and memories of Ann as I feel able and have time.


creativedawn said...

I am sorry to hear about your cousin Ann....please know you are in my prayers...God bless you....
angel kisses and hugz

creativedawn said...

Jenny, I know you went no-mail so I came back here to comment on your Dad's quilt...that is awesome beautiful!!!!! That is really, really gorgeous!!!! the other quilts are gorgeous as well...Dad's quilt is my favorite...did I say is AWESOME BEAUTIFUL... oh yeah...cannot wait to see the borders added...