Tuesday, January 6, 2009


We had a quick trip to Gosford early in December, staying with Ann's son and his partner and went on up to see Ann's parents (my aunt and uncle) for a couple of hours in Shoal Bay. I stupidly forgot to take people photos except for my dh Max. I did get some lovely photos though.

Max had to do some business in the morning so we left after that and drove on up, about an hour and a half. We arrived right on lunch time so we decided to stop in for lunch before landing in on my aunt and uncle. 

I have previously had prawns from the wharf in Nelson Bay so we went down there and ate at a fish cafe on the wharf itself. Here are some photos. The first is Max waiting for our lunch to arrive at the table, then some of the pelicans and cormorant after prawn heads and tails - 

you can see them in the air in the top right hand corner of the second photo. Notice the do not feed the seagulls sign in the photo with Max - well they weren't feeding the seagulls, they were feeding the pelicans and a stray cormorant which flew in to join them!

One also just of the bay from the wharf.
 It was a glorious day and the water was so clear you can see the rocks under the water in a couple of the pelican photos.


nomore said...

I can smell the sea side...also the Pelicans laudings....
nice a picture....

Anita said...

great pics Jenny, Port Stephens is one of my favourite places!