Sunday, January 11, 2009

Folded Flower Pinwheel Block Tutorial

  This is the pinwheel block I have been making.
Click on the photo to enlarge so you can see the detail.

I have spent time last night and today making a tutorial for the construction of this block.
First I spent some time choosing fabrics. I wanted roughly pastels with a small difference between the folded part or "flower" of the block
 and the flat part or background. I started with the fabric I want to use for the sashing. 
In the first picture I am 
trimming the rough edge and in the other you can see that the ruler is set to 2-1/2 inches to cut the sashing strips.

In the next photo you will see that I have picked out colours from the sashing material to use for the pinwheels. I forgot to photograph the 3-1/2" strips after I cut them and before . I made my squares 3-1/2 inches to give a 6" finished block once the 4 segments are stitched together.
The next
 thing was to start assembling.
 All the basic components go together like this.

The next photo has unfortunately gone in sideways for some reason. It shows how the folds meet together on the inside - this is NOT how I put them together but just to show you how to get it all to go together as accurately as possible.
Bottom left shows the petal triangle in position and the one on the right shows the petal folded up to the edge. Top left shows the bottom triangle already folded and the top one positioned to but right up against the fold of the bottom one. The right of the photo shows it all in position with just the top layer folded back to show how it all butts together. By keeping the folds together it will match up later.

The photo below shows  how to position the 2 segments to put them together and then on the right they have been positioned edge to edge. Fold the bottom segment up on top of the other one and , making sure the folds are butted up to each other, stitch together.
After stitching 2 units together trim away the excess fabric at the corner, folding back the top and bottom layers and clipping only the pinwheel fabric as shown.

You need 2 of these sets to make a full block. Again make sure that the folds butt together.

I hope this all makes sense. Please tell me if it doesn't and I will try to simplify it!
This is my first tutorial so I am very open to constructive criticism :)

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Cath Ü said...

Love it Jenny... You have done it the opposite to how I did mine... will have a go at it this way as well....
Cath Ü

Dya said...

Looks great Jenny, and very easy to understand

Cheryl said...

Hi Jenny, great tutorial with step by step photos. Easy to follow, makes it feel like we're right there with you :-) I like the folded pinwheel, looks great

Cera said...

Beautiful work! Your pinwheels are very neat. Can you describe the ruler you are using. Cera

Lindi said...

They're really lovely, Jenny. Your tutorial is very easy to follow, too. Thank you!

sMC said...

what a wonderful tutorial, I must direct my niece in Uk, who is learning patchwork via email here. She will love this.

Jane said...

I have a feeling I have tried this once.......but will have a go again.
Looks good.

Marsha Clark said...

Cool Block !!!

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Thank you, I'm using this to prepare a lesson I'm teaching next week! I've done it before, but couldn't find my notes

Jenny F said...

I am glad you all like the tutorial. I am ashamed to say that the quilt is still an UFO but I hope to finish it this year.
I am sorry Cera, I only just saw your query about the ruler. It is one that has a roller cutter built in - very easy to use when cutting strips.
Benta - I am glad you can use my notes.
I would love to see photos from your class.
Happy quilting everyone.
Jenny F